Lydia Baylis

Based: London
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: lydiabaylis.com

It's not often that a well-spoken female solo artist manages to truly cause a stir in a dingy London nightclub. But Lydia Baylis is anything but ordinary.

Her bombshell-blonde looks make her music somewhat of a surprise - with thoughtful lyrics and a clean, traditional composition style.

It's too easy to draw comparisons to starlets like Dido, Ellie Goulding or perhaps even Lana Del Rey - but truthfully Lydia has a laid-back style which is somewhat detached from any of these comparisons. Her music bends between easy-listening acoustic folk-pop sounds to darker and grittier material.

Lydia performs live with the help of a four piece backing band, which has become a regular in some of the usual London circuit jaunts like Monto Water Rats and The Troubador.

The 23-year old songstress recently returned from a week of recording in NYC with production team Crispin Thump and has already been fortunate enough to collaborate with the likes of lyricist Ian Pickering (Sneaker Pimps), writer/producer Paul Statham (Kylie Minogue) and engineer/mixer Richard Wilkinson (Adele).

Her newest release, a track called Autumn Soil, sways more towards the lighter side of Lydia's music.

But other tracks, such as Gravity, though mellow edge her music more towards the Lana Del Rey style of composition - though perhaps a little more unplugged.

Because of this mixture of style, Lydia's music can often seem somewhat inconsistent, yet despite this, she is undoubtedly heading down the road to success at great knots.

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