Stefan Melbourne

Based: Manchester
Genre: Alt/Acoustic
Website: stefanmelbourne.co.uk

Stefan Melbourne is the latest singer/songwriter to cause a wave of excitement through the AMP offices. When we get these feelings of excitement we feel the need to share them with the rest of the world.

Stefan is from Manchester, a city that has certainly given the world more than it’s fair share of great music over the years.

Listening to Stefan’s music it is clear he has been influenced by Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Stephen Fretwell and American folk musicians such as Lead Belly, Sonny Boy Williamson and Robert Johnson. Any fans of the musicians named above will instantly become a fan of Stefan Melbourne.

Stefan has made two tracks ‘How Long Is Always’ and ‘A Place To Hide’ available as free downloads from his website. Listening to these songs it feels wrong to get them for free, both are worth their weight in gold. Both tracks are just perfect. The acoustic guitar strums away gently in the background, whilst the vocals take centre stage, allowing the listener to focus on the lyrical content. I especially love the lyrics in ‘A Place To Hide’ “Under the footsteps on these guttered streets we’ll lie, we’ll watch the passers by drift into there daydreams”. Both tracks contain beautiful backing vocals creating numerous ‘hairs on the back of your neck’ moments.

Listening to both these tracks has left me more than convinced that Stefan Melbourne is going to have a very long and exciting career ahead of him.

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