Under The Driftwood Tree

Based: Cardiff
Genre: Alt/Acoustic
Website: Facebook

Under The Driftwood Tree formed in February 2009 through shared interests of music and surfing. They create a sound that fits in perfectly with the likes of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. As well as the folk references there is also influences from hip-hop and reggae, which can be heard in ‘Cheeky Little Smile’.  

If you are having a lazy sunday morning, or enjoying an evening sat out in the garden this band would be the perfect soundtrack. They are a very hard working band who always seem to be gigging. They have had support from BBC and took part in an introducing session with Fearne Cotton and they have supported Jack Johnson at the Eden Sessions in Cornwall.

I am puzzled as to why this band are unsigned, they have a sound that is very classic and timeless and I am sure they would sell a lot of records.

This song below is a genuine letter of complaint that was written to Chris and Kath from their old neighbours. It was given to their landlord and passed on to them on the day that they were moving out. Chris and Kath had just started the band "Under the Driftwood Tree" when they lived at this house but their neighbours obviously didn't appreciate their new found talent.

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