Aiden Moffat & Bill Wells

Venue: Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
Date: 29th March 2012

It’s an unseasonably warm March evening in Cardiff as we arrive in Clwb just in time for RM Hubbert's set. Which can only be described as beautiful. Hubbert is an amazing guitarist with most of his songs being just him and his acoustic guitar. How he is able to channel such a range of emotions within such a simple set up really is something special. The only track that Hubbert sings on shows that he has a voice as powerful as playing. He closes the set with a duet with Aidan Moffat, which sounds quite a lot like Arab strap, and is equally as beautiful. Finishing his set and thanking everyone for listening to a morbid and depressing guy from Glasgow, to which Moffat jokes “its only going to get worse”.

Time for the main attraction, Aidan and Bill take to the stage with just a trumpeter and a double bass player. Bill setting up behind a keyboard with Aidan at the mic behind a minimal set of drums. They come close to resembling a jazz quartet especially with some of the fantastic trumpet solos. The audience hangs on his every word and with his magical Scottish brogue being the perfect narrative to these dark hedonistic tails of sex, ageing and death (Bananarama cover aside).

A hugely entertaining evening and an artist that if you haven’t seen live yet comes highly recommended.


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