Al Lewis

Venue: St. John's Church, Cardiff
Date: 26th Nov 2011

Over the years AMP magazine has been to many gigs in many venues. However, going to a gig in a Church on a Saturday night was an experience completely new to us. The gig was being put on by New Sound Wales and with such a strong line up this really was a night that we could not miss out on.

The Church setting turned out to be the perfect venue for this line up. The acoustics were far superior to many modern gig venues and with it’s high ceilings and stone walls this old Church building greatly suited each artist on the line up. Laura Marling has recently undertaken a tour of churches up and down the country so perhaps this could be a future for the live music scene.

Ivan Moult was back in Cardiff following a recent move to Bristol to start the night off. Ivan played his beautiful, perfected songs with thought provoking lyrics that have been heavily influenced by Nick Drake. Throughout Ivan’s set the crowd were listening attentively and hanging on his every word.

Zervas and Pepper followed next and worked through their west coast sound drawing on influences from Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. This is band that know how to keep the audience entertained as they told stories about the songs and added their own unique humor to the gig.

Al Lewis finished the night off; taking to the stage to play solo, then welcoming his band to join him for the rest of the set. Al is a very talented musician who has put thought into every sound that comes from himself and the band. He shows off his talent even further by singing in three different languages throughout the set, as he interweaves his way through English, Welsh and French. Where Al’s talent lies is in keeping the listener interested in the song even if they are unable to understand the language through the beauty of the acoustic guitar and melody that underpins the songs. Al is an artist who will hopefully have a very long future ahead of him. To start describing him as the Welsh Ryan Adams is not far off the mark; Al Lewis certainly has the talent to back up comparisons to such great artists.

Further testament to the venue was the hushed silence and respect for the performers throughout the entire night. All too often in pubs and clubs you hear uninterested people wasting their entrance fee and ruining the night for others by talking during the performances. Tonight however, there was complete silence which enabled the crowd to hear every lyric sang and every sound created during a wonderful gig.

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