We Are Augustines

Venue: Book Club, London
Date: 12th December 2011

When I discovered that a band I have been listening to incessantly for the last three months were playing a free, intimate and acoustic show, it would have been ridiculous for me to have missed it.

We Are Augustines are a trio from Brooklyn, New York whose debut album 'Rise Ye Sunken Ships' was independently released on 6th June 2011 and is unreservedly exceptional. They are a result of their previous band 'Pela' crumbling and the upshot of this is that We Are Augustines were created. They consist of Billy McCarthy (guitar/vocals), Eric Sanderson (bass) and Rob Allen (drums).

The album is influenced heavily by the tragic suicide of McCarthy's brother James and this is very evident listening to the gritty, emotive, personal lyrics that are driven from deep within McCarthy's soul. The album is without a shadow of uncertainty my own favourite of 2011.

This tiny show was in a downstairs bar with perhaps 50 people lucky enough to see this cherished, first acoustic show in such a privy setting. The set comprised of McCarthy and Sanderson going into the proverbial 'bag' and coming out with humdingers such as 'Augustine', 'Juarez', 'Book Of James', 'Strange Days' and a gripping version of Tom Petty's 'Even The Losers'. A Pela song 'Trouble With River Cities' made a welcome appearance with its laid back enticing guitars. A small room became captured for 40 minutes by McCarthy's Springsteen-esque yells.

We Are Augustines are a band who mean unequivocally every word they sing and every note they play. It's hard to not feel emotional and grateful to get a glimpse through music of the bond between the two brothers. I was lucky to get to see them at this small show but the thought of seeing them live again in 2012 at larger shows sends my enthusiasm for We Are Augustines decisively soaring.


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