Claire Cameron Band

Venue: 100 Club, London
Date: 30th September 2011

The hottest 30th September on record brought AMP Magazine to The 100 Club in London to see the much talked about Claire Cameron Band. The Leeds quartet were headlining the Future Rock night and received support from The Hounds and Moonlighter.

The band comprise of Pete Nash on guitar, Mike James on bass, Jim 'The Hit' Gaylard on percussion and Claire Cameron on keyboard and lead vocals. The band amalgamate folk with rock and a progressive, emotive sound with hints of metal appearing every once in a while. Nash's guitar sound and James' occasional slap bass give songs that extra drive when required. Cameron’s vocal range is quite superb with the dynamics of her voice being displayed throughout the night. Listening to the Claire Cameron Band would suggest influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Joni Mitchell with Bat For Lashes esque keyboard arrangements appearing.

The show begins with the band themselves announcing the arrival of Claire Cameron, she arrives as 'Time I Start' begins dressed in black lace, elegantly embarking upon the set. 'Love of you' begins gently leaving the audience guessing which direction the song is going to take, this becomes very apparent when James' bass kicks in. The song takes off and this is where the metal undertones begin to manifest themselves. Next was the beautiful 'Captivated' which has a keyboard that dances merrily throughout the track. A dreamy chorus has Cameron asking 'Would you turn around and say that this love we've found wont ever stray?' A mesmerising song indeed. 'Simple' is a slow well constructed track showing that quiet can also be carried off with real aplomb by the band. 'No Illusions' follows with a passionate vocal which involves being left speechless and hopeless over perhaps a love interest. This song clearly demonstrates the bands connectivity. 'Amethyst' comes next with Cameron pleading 'Where is the boy I used to know?’ This is where her vocal prowess is most evident with a sound that Florence Welch would be satisfied with. 'Sound Delight' and 'Spinning Tops' then draw the set to an energetic end. Time still though for an encore which comes in the shape of 'Question Every Day' which is a fantastic way to bring the show to an end. A gentle, subtle song about an ex lover that gathers momentum then begins to ebb and flow with talk of not wasting energy on hatred.

A well arranged and extremely polished performance by a band who are frankly, very gripping and intoxicating. I shall be keeping a close eye on them and surely it wont be before long before the big boy labels come rallying?


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