Evan Dando

Venue: The Globe, Cardiff
Date: 6th June 2011

This was one of those gigs not to miss; Evan Dando’s appearances are very infrequent. The fact he is in Cardiff when he has nothing to promote is something to be grateful for. The Globe is full of Lemonheads devotees who are in this intimate venue for a glimpse of their hero. Evan takes to the stage with a haircut that has not changed over the years and still looks like the grunge pop hero he has always been.

On taking to the stage Evan is instantly faced with a technical problem. The lead on his acoustic guitar is not working. Cue the singer from the support band to run on stage to save the day with a spare lead. With the acoustic guitar now working Evan can begin. He takes us through a trip of almost every Lemonhead song you could wish to hear, ‘Confetti’, ‘Rudderless’, ‘Into Your Arms’, ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’, ‘My Drug Buddy’, ‘Ride With Me’, ‘Alison’s Starting To Happen’, ‘Big Gay Heart’, ‘If I Could Talk I’d Tell You’. Evan played a couple from his 2003 solo album, Baby I’m Bored including the beautiful ‘All My Life’. Evan’s voice has not deteriorated with age or with the number of drugs this man has consumed over the years. His voice sounds better than ever. Evan must have played close to thirty songs during the gig; this plethora of songs is due to his lack of interaction with the audience. As soon as one song finished he would look down at his set list and launch straight into the next. It was an interesting way of playing a gig. However, I would have liked a little more interaction or a couple of stories from Evan along the way. Evan is a man who like his friend Kurt Cobain never appeared comfortable with the fame aspect. Thankfully Evan did not go the same way as Kurt. So to expect Evan to stand there and tell storied in between songs may have been asking a bit too much on my behalf.

The lack of interaction from Evan did not do anything to stop the crowd enjoying themselves. This was an audience full of fans who had obviously grown up with The Lemonheads and came with one purpose, to sing and dance and take a trip down memory lane. So on that count Evan did not let anyone down.

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