The Hazey Janes

Venue: 10ft Tall, Cardiff
Date: 11th January 2012

January has always been a slow month for live music. Not many bands choose to tour at the start of the year, people don’t want to go out on cold dark evenings and the money is not as readily available following the extravagance that is christmas. Thankfully the promoters at Ten Feet Tall decided to put on a night of some exceptional music talent. Those of us that were brave enough to leave the comfort of our sofas and venture out into the cold January night were all the better for it.

Blind River Scare is the name which Newport based singer songwriter Tim Manning performs under. His songs are very laid back and can best be described as Americana, alternative/country. A nice warm up to the evening.

Zervas and Pepper were next on stage. Now, if you have not come across this band yet then I can’t stress enough the importance of listening to this band right now. Zervas and Pepper are a three piece whose songs will leave you with a warm and happy feeling inside. The vocals are shared between Paul and Kathyrn, both of whom will melt your heart with their soft soothing delivery. Their set tonight makes the dark January night drift away into obscurity and you start thinking that summer is just around the corner.

It was soon time to turn the volume up a notch as Burning Ferns took to the stage. Burning Ferns have been together as a band since 2010, members of the band have been in a number of talented bands over the years before coming together as Burning Ferns. That experience and talent was evident tonight. This is a band who clearly know how to write and perform perfect pop music. As a band Burning Ferns gel together as one on the stage, they are so incredibly tight and the harmonised vocals are perfectly executed. After listening to their demo last year I was in no doubt of how great this band are, now having had the live experience it is clear this is a band who sound just as good live as they do on record.

Headlining the night was The Hazey Janes. The Hazey Janes are from Dundee and have been together as a band since the turn of the century. I would love to say that I was there from the start with this band but I have to be honest and admit that tonight was the first time I had heard them. One of the things that I have loved about going to the thousands of gigs that I have been to over the years is hearing a band that I have never heard of before and being completely swept of my feet. That is exactly what happened tonight during The Hazey Janes set. The powerful vocals, harmonies, keyboard riffs, guitars, drum fills, uplifting indie rock all being heard for the first time was something I will remember for a long time to come. Although I had missed out on the first ten years, I left with a feeling of incredible excitement knowing that I have a whole back catalogue of The Hazey Janes music to delve into.

Steve Tay


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