The Others

Venue: Gwdihŵ Cafe Bar, Cardiff
Date: 3rd May 2012

Every generation has its movement, a time when music changes the way that people see the world. A time when music reflects what is going on in society and stands up and makes a big cultural statement. The most recent of these music movements happened during the turn of the century in the years 2002 - 2006, with bands including The Libertines, The Paddingtons, The Rifles, Thee Unstrung, and The Cribs.

I have left one band off the above list and that is the band that together with The Libertines were leading the way during that movement. That band is of course The Others. Led by the charismatic Dominic Masters, The Others sent out a clear message that it was ok to be different, it was ok to not follow the crowd and it was ok to be yourself.Dominic gave out his personal phone number to fans and would answer as many calls and reply to as many messages as he possibly could. The Others created a following called the 853 Kamikaze Stage-Diving who would devout themselves to the band as they led the way in the guerrilla gigging scene. The Others were praised by almost every major music publication in the world, then sadly when the album did not sell as much as had been hoped for the knives came out.

After a four year break The Others have decided to get back on the road and take these songs back to the fans. This is the first time The Others have been back to Cardiff since that memorable night in The Barfly all those years ago. The way the band played tonight you can tell their passion and love for their songs and music has certainly not faded. Dominic is still as charismatic and energetic as he always was. This is a frontman that you just can’t take your eyes off.

Highlights from the set were ‘Lackey’, ‘William’, ‘Stan Bowles’ and ‘Almanac’. All sounding as fresh and as relevant now as they did eight years ago. ‘This Is For The Poor’, the class war anthem, is a song that is always sure to hit a note with any teenager of any generation.

After tonights gig I am left in no doubt that having The Others back together is a great thing for music, they should never have been allowed to leave the industry in the first place.

Steve Tay

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