Paper Aeroplanes

Venue: Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
Date: 14th April 2012

Buffalo Bar is one of Cardiff’s classier venues. It’s wonderfully decorated and thoughtfully lit. It’s intimate and welcoming and so perfect for an evening of equally thoughtful and intimate acoustic folk pop.

Paper Aeroplanes were in Cardiff as part of their current tour with Ellen and the Escapades before they embark on an epic thirty plus date headline tour of their own.

An impressive crowd had gathered to welcome them back to Wales. The infamous ‘Buffalo Bottleneck’ had appeared in the doorway between the stage and the bar, but the usual chatter was missing. The place was hushed.

With little introduction they launched straight into a rousing version of ‘The Days We Made‘. “Its been a while since we’ve played that” announced Sarah afterwards, you really couldn’t tell.

This was the first time I’d seen them as a five piece. On previous occasions there was no keyboardist or double bassist. The difference was never more apparent than on the opening notes of ‘Stones Inside Your Shoes’; all the instruments open together to create the most beautiful of sounds.

What followed was an incredibly polished and accomplished forty minute performance by a group of remarkably talented musicians. The set included the ever beautiful ‘Winter Never Comes’, the spine tingling new single ‘Multiple Love’, and debut album closer ‘Orange Lights’, before ending with the insanely catchy ‘My First Love’.

Paper Aeroplanes are a band that get better each time I see them. If you’ve not had the opportunity yourself, I urge you to catch them on their current tour. Full details of which can be found here.

Steve C

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