Al Lewis
Live at St Pancras Old Church

Released: 2nd June 2013
Label: Al Lewis Music

When it comes to singer songwriters Al Lewis is one that AMP magazine has a huge amount of admiration and respect for. All of the songs he writes are beautiful and timeless and need to be in everybody’s music collection.

Al is releasing a live EP of the launch for his album ‘Battles’ recorded in St Pancras Old Church in February 2012. The EP consists of two tracks from ‘Battles’, ‘Don’t Believe In Magic’ and ‘Battles’ together with two tracks from ‘In The Wake’, ‘Life On The Wire’ and ‘The Arsonist’.

Listening to this EP the four songs capture the warmth and intimacy of Al’s music. If you have been to any of Al’s gigs over the years you will know how his performances make the audience fall to a deathly silence as they hang on every sound that is being made from the stage. This EP captures that and has an intimate feel that allows you to drift away and forget about all the troubles in the world.

Fans of Al Lewis will instantly be rushing out to get their hands on this live EP as it will serve as a perfect memory for anyone who has ever been to one of his gigs. If you have yet to have your lives enriched by Al then I urge you to have a listen to this EP, discover his back catalogue and I guarantee you will soon find yourself being amazed by his incredible songs.

Steve Tay

Al Lewis

St John's Church, Cardiff
26th Nov 2011
Al Lewis
Our Lines Remain EP

Released: 16th Apr 2013
Sŵn Festival '11

Coal Exchange, Cardiff
20th-23rd Oct 2011
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