Black Books
Aquarena EP

Released: 11th February 2013
Label: Believe Recordings

‘Aquarena’ is the new EP from Black Books a five piece band from Austin Texas who, once you have listened to this EP, are highly likely to become your new favourite band.

‘Aquarena’ is an EP which will instantly appeal to fans of My Morning Jacket, Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Band Of Horses. The EP contains four tracks full of confidence and belief that will quite simply leave you stunned.

‘Favourite Place’ opens the EP with a thunderous guitar riff that will instantly make you stop everything that you are doing. The song builds with perfection before exploding into a chorus that you will never forget “How could it be you’re exceptional”. ‘White Noise’ has uplifting melodies, soaring vocals and another infectious chorus which should see this song gaining airplay across the world. ‘Marfa’ is one that has a real Soundtrack Of Our Lives feel to it, the song interweaves between verse and chorus in such a seamless way. ‘For All The People’ ends the EP in a tender and emotional way, this is a song full of anthemic qualities that deserves to be played out across the big arenas and have everyone singing in unison “We did it all for love”.

‘Aquarena’ is an EP that I am so glad has ended up in my collection, this is one that I will be playing on repeat for a long time to come.

Steve Tay

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