Cristobal And The Sea
Sunset Of Our Troubles

Released: 25th May 2015
Label: City Slang

The soundtrack to summer 2015 may have just arrived in the form of Sunset Of Our Troubles, the new single from Cristobal And The Sea. Everything about this song just makes you want to lie back on a beach, look out to sea and just dream your life away.

The song invites the listener in with wide open arms during the opening thirty seconds with warm vocals, laid-back bass and acoustic guitar. The drums enter to hold everything together before the chorus joins the song at the one minute mark and from that point on there really is no turning back “Where do we go from here, to the sunset of our troubles”. Just when you think things can’t get any better, a flute joins the party to make that smile on your face go proudly from ear to ear as you find yourself enjoying every sun-drenched sound Cristobal And The Sea create.

Cristobal And The Sea have an album ‘Sugar Now’ out soon on City Slang and a number of gigs and festivals lined up throughout Europe this summer; if this song is anything to go by this is a band you need to be following.

Steve Tay

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