Euros Childs
Fruit and Veg

Released: 21st July 2015
Label: Post/Pop

Fruit and Veg is the new single from Euros Childs, a musician who you can trust wholeheartedly. You only have to look at his back catalogue as a solo artist, his collaborative releases under the name Jonny and Cousins, and that is before indulging yourself with the music recorded by Gorkys Zygotic Mynci to realise that we really are talking about a modern day great.

Fruit and Veg is, as I am sure many of you will have come to expect, another song that can best be described in one word.....GENIUS. The piano melody that opens the song will instantly start your body moving from side to side, the cheerful melody is continued throughout and in so doing gives the listener a single to thoroughly enjoy. Special mention needs to be given to the sweet lyrics that will be sure to melt a thousand hearts. “The one regret in life, is that he never told the woman he loved, that she was on his mind”. The lyrics see Euros gain inspiration from that tale of missed opportunity and not letting love pass him by, “Next time I see you take you by the hand, tell you you’re beautiful and I love you, will you be mine”.

How anyone could deny that Euros Childs is a genius is beyond me, every time a new release arrives my whole world lights up. Fruit and Veg is available to listen to now and will be followed up with a new album ‘Sweetheart’ released on 2nd October, together with a UK tour. Head to Euros website now to check dates.

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