Euros Childs
Tête à Tête

Released: 14th October 2013
Label: National Elf

2013 has been a great year for Welsh music, and it is now set to get even better as we have new music from national treasure Euros Childs.

Tête à Tête is the new single from Euros and once again it is another perfect slice of pop music, which is exactly what Euros does best. From the moment you press play on this song a big smile will appear on your face and stay there for the rest of the day as the song swirls around your head. Tête à Tête has a classic feel to it, there are moments that sound like The Kinks and Paul McCartney. Lyrically there is so much to delve into throughout this song, in particular I love the lyric “Santa Claus don’t come down the chimney anymore, not since the switch to gas”.

You can also pre-order the new album from Euros ‘Situation Comedy’ which is released on 21st October here.

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