Released: 1st March 2014
Label: Crookedman Records

2014 has to be the year that Cardiff based band Fjords break through and gain the attention that their bold, confident and believable music deserves. ‘Polymath’ is the band's third single and the early signs are that this is the single that will begin to open up more doors for the Welsh five piece. The song has been picked up by an advert which will certainly help the song reach as many people as possible.

As with the band's previous two singles ‘Domino’ and ‘Russian Doll’, Fjords have created another passionate song that you have no option but to love. From start to finish this has the sound of a band whose purpose in life is to create music, the combination of guitars, drums, synths and strong vocals all gel together in such harmony for the entire duration of this single.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Fjords, make sure you jump on board right now.

Steve Tay

Strata Florida / Domino

Released: 22nd June 2013
H. Hawkline

Released: 14th June 2013
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