Strata Florida / Domino

Released: 12th Aug 2013
Label: Fjords

Fjords are a band that we first featured in 2012, declaring them to be the ‘Next Big Thing’, so when news arrived that a new double A side is being released it is with a great deal of excitement that my fingers reached out for the play button.

This new single has a darker edge then previous releases, however what remains is what has always been underpinning this band, a confidence and self belief that these are songs destined for big arenas. Domino starts off with a Muse-like sound and also contains sounds that are reminiscent of ‘Living Daylights’ by A-ha. The song has an anthem quality throughout with passionate verses and a chorus that will be sure to sweep many off their feet.

‘Strata Florida’ is a perfect example of how to use electronics in rock music. Fjords make electronics and rock seem the perfect companion to each other, with the dreamlike sounds in the verses, building into a chorus full to the brim with passion and belief.

Once again Fjords have delivered two songs of such high quality, it really is about time the world woke up and took notice. It is time a record label gave this band the deal they deserve and help them to get their music to as many people as possible.

Check out our interview with the band here.

Steve Tay

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