The Franklys
Puppet / Imaginarium

Released: 7th April 2014
Label: Electric Wood Records

Don’t you just love a single that sweeps you off your feet and makes you want to punch the air and jump around without a care in the world? Well I do and that is exactly what this new single ‘Puppet’ from The Franklys did to me.

After a week of nostalgia listening to the 20 years of Brit Pop celebrations and remembering just how much I loved Elastica. I can hear their echoes in the sound that The Franklys create. The passionate vocals, explosive guitar riffs and driving rhythms all combine to ensure that 'Puppet' is a great pop single that needs to be picked up by radio stations. The vocals are delivered by a singer who clearly means every word, “You never wanted me, You kicked me to the ground and left me there to die”.

Flipside, ‘Imaginarium’ introduces a darker sound to the band whilst retaining the same level of passion as the A-side.

Pop music is crying out for a new girl group, in the real sense of the word and not the manufactured sense. The Franklys could be just that band.

Puppet is available here as a limited edition 7".

Steve Tay

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