Greta Isaac
Oh Babe EP

Released: 10th April 2015
Label: Greta Isaac

Following the release of her debut EP in October 2014 thankfully Greta has wasted no time in releasing her second EP ‘Oh Babe’. If you have not been lucky enough to have your world changed by the wonderful music that Greta creates, then I can give you my promise that from the minute you hear her melodies and jaw dropping vocals the world will stop spinning for you and it will feel like there is nothing else happening apart from the songs that Greta is singing. If you have already had the pleasure of hearing Greta’s music then you don’t need me to tell you how amazing she is.

‘Oh Babe’ which opens the EP is one of the greatest songs you are likely to hear all year, seriously come back to me at the end of the year and try telling me different. The gentle guitar melodies and understated vocals will instantly capture the hearts and minds of anyone within earshot, I love the way the song builds and builds in such a graceful way.

Greta’s vocals on ‘I Was Yours’ are very angelic and together with delicate guitar playing results in another great song from this exceptional talent. ‘Friend’ has the sound of a beautiful dream from which you will not want to be woken. The lyrics in this song seem to have been written from Greta’s heart as she sings “I know I asked you to stick around, but I think you lost your way”. ‘Might I Say’ closes the EP in a memorable way, as we have come to expect with Greta’s music it is that minimal and unrefined sound that ensures she is an artist who we will never forget.

Once again Greta Isaac has given us an EP to treasure for the rest of our days, please make sure you do not miss out. No music collection can be complete without ‘Oh Babe’ or ‘Down By The Water’ and if ever Greta Isaac is playing near you, you really would be foolish not to go.

Steve Tay

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