Helen Love
You Can’t Beat A Boy Who Loves The Ramones

Released: 24th July 2015
Label: Post/Pop

Do you want a song that will make you smile from ear to ear, a song that will result in you letting out a childlike scream of excitement and leave you feeling happier than you ever thought a piece of music could do? Well if that is the case this new single from Helen Love will do exactly that.

As soon as the opening “Here we go” and chants of “Ghostbusters” come charging out of your speakers there really will be no turning back. I guarantee you will be sucked in by the hooks, melodies, vocals, chanting, church-like bells and every single sound you hear. The chorus “You can’t beat a boy who loves The Ramones” will never leave your head; you will find yourself singing this in your sleep, in the shower, at your desk in work, whilst you are out shopping, feeding the ducks, walking along the seafront, going for a drive or basically whatever you do with your life - this is a song that will be inside your head forever and for that you should be eternally grateful.

If the Ghostbusters reference wasn’t enough for all you 80s kids out there, Helen Love even references Bonnie Tyler towards the end of the song.

You Can’t Beat A Boy Who Loves The Ramones is everything that is great about pop music. Helen Love have had a devoted following since their formation in the early 90s and it is such a shame that the whole world has never really woken up to the greatness of this band. This new single, together with many of Helen Love’s back catalogue, should be number one throughout the entire world.

Now sit back, watch the video below and be prepared to feel soooooooo incredibly happy.

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