The Jacques
Artful Dodger

Released: 22nd June 2015
Label: 25 Hour Convenience Store

‘The Artful Dodger’ is the second EP from Bristol-based four piece The Jacques, a band who came to our attention towards the end of 2014 when they released their debut EP ‘Pretty DJ’ on Gary Powell’s 25 hour Convenience Store record label.

This follow-up EP continues in the same vein as their debut; it is the sound of a young band doing what they were born to do, full of energy, passion, optimism, belief and excitement. We look to bands to make us believe that anything is possible and The Jacques are certainly doing that with the music they create.

The title track opens the EP with dark and moody guitars and drums bouncing off each other with perfection. The already unmistakable vocals join together with chanting backing vocals and, before three minutes is up, you realise this really is something special. ‘Down and Out in London Tokyo’ follows and is what can best be described as great guitar pop; the opening guitar seems to be paying homage to Paul Weller, the song is full of infectious melodies and vocals and, when the “sho-be-do’s” arrive, you know this is a band that are having fun doing what they are doing. ‘Painkiller’ starts with a slow melody being kept in time by the drums. The song manages to perfectly change pace as the band take us from slow, moody verse to explosive chorus in a way that keeps us all interested. ‘This Is England’ gives the EP an anthemic ending, “Well this is England tell me what you are proud of”.

Like The Libertines before them, The Jacques are a band who have been influenced by their surroundings and the culture they have grown up in. There is that romance within their songs that I am sure will see thousands of people take this band into their hearts and follow them on whatever road they chose to take them down.

Steve Tay

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