The Jacques
Pretty DJ EP

Released: 3rd November 2014
Label: 25 Hour Convenience Store

You know that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and you are instantly blown away and think this is it, this is the next big thing and exactly what music needs right now. Well, that is exactly how I felt listening to ‘Pretty DJ’ by The Jacques. The opening guitar riffs instantly and boldly state that this is a band who live and breathe the music they create; the infectious melodies and vocals guarantee that, like The Libertines, this is a band that will be sure to provide the soundtrack to many a great night out.

This young, exciting Bristol-based four piece have clearly grown up influenced by The Libertines and other much-loved British guitar bands at the turn of the century including The Paddingtons, Thee Unstrung and Milburn. The Libertines connection has been further reinforced by Gary Powell signing the band to his 25 Hour Convenience Store record label after seeing them perform at Hyde Park.

In addition to the amazing opening title track we are also treated to three more songs to make us feel glad to be alive. ‘Foreign Films’ combines youth and innocence in an adorable way which will be sure to win the hearts of many. ‘Scum In A Bottle’ introduces a slightly darker side to the band and ‘The Weekends’ does exactly what its title suggests, giving us a song to dance all of our troubles away and remember that life is there to be enjoyed.

Listening to this debut EP has taken me back to the first decade of this century when The Libertines dragged the British music industry out of the gutter and provided us music fans with the perfect soundtrack to make every night of the week feel like a Saturday. With ‘Pretty DJ’ The Jacques have more than proved that they have the potential to do that all over again, just make sure you are there for what is sure to be a very exciting ride.

Steve Tay

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