And Mine Alone

Released: 26th April 2017
Label: Kidsmoke

‘And Mine Alone’ is the latest single from Kidsmoke, a band from Wrexham who we have been shouting about for quite some time. Every song they have released has been simply wonderful, they are as perfect as pop music gets and give us everything and more we could want from a band.

‘And Mine Alone’ is yet another example of how great this band are; the swirling guitars lift you to a euphoric state, the drums direct the song on a journey you will want to take over and over again, and the vocals will melt your heart with their dreamlike qualities. The song intertwines verse and chorus in such a way that means even the most casual of listeners will stop and give this great song the attention it deserves.

Kidsmoke really are something special and you all need to give them your time, together with your undying love and affection. There was a time when a band like this would have been top of the charts and performing on Top of The Pops, we will probably never get back to those times but do not let the throw-away culture that we now live in give you an excuse to ignore bands as great as Kidsmoke.

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