Many Things
Burn Together

Released: 22nd June 2015
Label: Dew Process

If you want a song that will lift your mood and make you feel good about life then the new single ‘Burn Together’ from London three piece Many Things is a song that will do just that and more.

The song starts with clear vocals backed with gentle keys and percussion which builds and builds in a poptastic way (yes I can’t believe I used the word poptastic either but it just feels right when describing this song). The chord progression and vocals are so uplifting and the melodies give the song a somewhat carnival vibe. This is one of those songs that you imagine thousands of people dancing and singing along to on a glorious summer day at a festival, everyone smiling, punching the air with joy or hugging the person next to them.

‘Burn Together’ does have a very 2003-2004 feel to it and instantly brings to mind The Killers before they grew into a stadium band, which is not a bad thing for someone like me who has so many great memories attached to those times.

Many Things will be releasing their debut album, of which ‘Burn Together’ is the title track, later in the summer.

Steve Tay

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