Martin Carr
Gold Lift

Released: 31st March 2017
Label: Martin Carr

So Brexit is happening, the letter has been delivered, Article 50 has been triggered and we are all well and truly screwed. No one cares, musicians don’t speak out anymore do they? Rubbish! Thankfully there are musicians out there writing politically-inspired pop songs that we all need to stop and listen to right now including the new single ‘Gold Lift’ from Martin Carr, possibly the most important pop song you will hear right now.

Lyrically, ‘Gold Lift’ is a dig at those on the far right, those that are sadly leading this world in such a destructive and inhumane way, “It’s The Sun, Mail, Express, welcome to the unenlightenment”. Let’s be inspired by Martin’s lyrics people, we can still make a difference. If you go into an establishment that has those papers on display ask them to take them down, and if they don’t do not give them your business, little things can and will make a difference. Politicians are out to destroy us and Martin captures that perfectly throughout ‘Gold Lift’ as he sings about them not being happy until they tax us for the air we breathe.

Together with the lyrics, the infectious and funky melodies ensure this is a song you will not forget in a hurry. The video is also a work of genius, of course it has been inspired by Bob Dylan but that is not a bad thing and is an effective way of getting the inspiring message of the song across.

Listen to ‘Gold Lift’, be inspired, share it with your family and friends and, as people, we can come together, unite, love our communities and get through these dark times.

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