Meilyr Jones

Released: 31st July 2015
Label: Moshi Moshi

Refugees is the debut solo single from former Race Horses frontman Meilyr Jones, and as far as debut singles go, or any singles for that matter, they really don’t get much better than this. Refugees is an incredible song that will move every fibre of your being, it truly is that good.

I have spent practically the whole day listening to this beautiful piece of music over and over again and find myself falling deeper in love upon every listen. The piano and vocal delivery manage to take the listener on a journey that is emotional, personal, inspiring and uplifting. There is so much to enjoy within this song; on one listen you will find yourself hooked on the gorgeous piano sound and on another you will find yourself trying to digest the lyrics, which will be sure to inspire you as Meilyr sings “Get up switch off, switch off your television”.

Music for me has always been one of the most amazing and powerful things in the world. The things it can do to people is incredible and Refugees is one of those songs that will just make you feel lucky to be alive and able to enjoy and appreciate the incredible talent that Meilyr Jones possesses.

The other important thing to note as you watch the video below is that this was all done in one take.

Meilyr will be performing two shows at this year’s Green Man Festival, so if you are lucky enough to have a ticket you have no excuse to miss this amazing musician.

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