Pete Fij / Terry Bickers
Out Of Time

Released: 30th June 2014
Label: Pete Fij / Terry Bickers

‘Out Of Time’ is the song of the year. That may seem a bold opening line to this review, but it will take something incredible to beat this new single from Pete Fij and Terry Bickers.

Pete and Terry were members of Adorable and The House of Love respectively; two bands who played a huge part in the greatest independent label of my generation, Creation Records. Anyone familiar with the previous output of the aforementioned bands should not be surprised by how god damn amazing ‘Out of Time’ is.

The first time I heard this song was through my car stereo as Steve Lamacq gave the single it's first radio outing, I actually had to pull over to listen to the beautiful, melancholic sounds that were surrounding me. This is one of those timeless songs that instantly manages to capture the listener and drift them away to a magical place and forget about the frantic pace of the world spinning around them.

‘Out Of Time’ contains gentle guitar melodies that will send shivers throughout your entire body. The words manage to capture romance, reflections on life and make links between modern times and days gone by with tender lyrics; “I tend to see things in a different light, You send me emails and send me texts you know I can’t connect I’m not a techno lover, You seem to treat love like a free download, the latest plug in, to me it's something more alive, a scratched 45”. Everything about this song appears to have been done with care and attention, the addition of gentle chimes provide the song with an extra piece of magic. Seriously, this is a song that you will want to listen to over and over again and want to share your excitement with the entire world.

Pete and Terry will be following the single with an album ‘Broken Heart Surgery’ on 7th July, a day that I will be counting down like a kid at Christmas, eagerly waiting to hear a full album from these two incredibly talented musicians.

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