Graffiti EP

Released: 1st December 2014
Label: Gare Du Nord Records

‘Graffiti’ is the latest EP from Picturebox, a musical collective from Canterbury led by Robert Halcrow. This EP arrived in AMP's inbox following a recommendation from Ash Cooke (Pulco) and, as any regular reader of this magazine will know, AMP is a huge fan of Ash so any recommendation of his is always worth a listen.

Within the first five seconds of the opening title track to this EP I was completely hooked. ‘Graffiti’ is a great piece of pop music with delightful melodies that jump straight inside the listener's head, and vocals that make you dream of endless summer days. ‘Giving It All I’ve Got’ and ‘Papernut Cambridge' fascinate with a plethora of sounds and spoken word lyrics that will keep the listener interested throughout. The EP ends with a cover of ‘Bit Part' by The Lemonheads; thankfully Picturebox more than do justice to the original and give the song a new lease of life.

Picturebox have an album due out in 2015 and if this EP is anything to go by it should be an album to keep a keen look out for.

Steve Tay

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