Rodeo EP

Released: 8th June 2015
Label: Pulco

Any regular visitors to AMP will no doubt be aware that Pulco is an artist we admire and respect who, for many years, has been recording music that is full of wonder and defies genres. He records music because it is what he loves to do and then gives it away for a name-your-price fee so as many people can access his music as possible. Without Pulco the music world would be a far less interesting place.

When a message arrived in our inbox detailing his new EP ‘Rodeo’ it was of course opened with a jubilant smile and excitement as to what sounds Pulco had chosen to create for this new release. What I was not expecting was an EP of gorgeous country-pop style songs, although thinking about it maybe the title was a bit of a clue! That unexpected twist is one of the many great things about Pulco, you never really know what he is going to record next.

The EP opens with ‘The last Welsh girl at the rodeo’ and if you are not drawn in by the sweet melody and vocals that grace this song then you really need to start questioning your musical tastes. I am always of the opinion that music is there for you all to form your own opinions but seriously how anyone could not love this beautiful song is beyond me. ‘Slow trem-low’ follows with a darker, infectious melody; the combination of vocals and drums give the song a somewhat mysterious feel, and the introduction of spoken-word gives it that unmistakable Pulco identity. ‘Bakesale’ sees Pulco paying tribute to Sebadoh and once again you will find it hard not to become enthralled by the pure brilliance of this song, the melodies, vocals and spoken word are stunning. ‘Digits’ is the perfect ending to the EP, it is an energetic, scuzzy song that will see you nodding your head with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Like everything that comes out of the mind of Pulco ‘Rodeo’ is a fine collection of songs that would enrich anyone’s music collection. Head over to his Bandcamp page where you can wrap your ears around ‘Rodeo’ and have your mind blown by his back catalogue.

Steve Tay

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