Sea Change

Released: 25th April 2014
Label: Sea Change

‘Bridges’ is the new single from an incredibly talented Norwegian artist who performs under the name Sea Change. Her previous single ‘Let's Dance’, released in January, made us want to hear more and this new single is a pleasure that the whole world needs to experience together.

The single combines electronic sounds that are gentle, soothing and haunting all at the same time; the drum machine will send you body and soul into melt down. With vocals this perfect, angelic and graceful anyone who thinks otherwise really needs to start questioning themselves. ‘Bridges’ is quite simply a beautiful record that you will play on repeat and never tire of.

‘Bridges’ is available here as a limited edition 7". An album is due for release later this year.


Released: 26th May 2014

Released: 1st Mar 2014
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