Car Deborah EP

Released: 1st June 2015
Label: Fandango

Seazoo are one of my favourite bands of recent times, everything they have recorded has given me a great deal of pleasure immersing myself in their unique pop sound. So, of course, I was looking forward to listening to their new EP ‘Car Deborah’. What I was not expecting however was to hear them take a great leap forward and start knocking on that door of the mainstream, and managing to do all that whilst retaining their unique sound. This EP is quite simply four great pop songs, perfectly crafted, arranged and produced in a way that ensures any song on this EP would not be out of place on daytime radio.

Opening track ‘Dawn in the Mirror’ will, for me, be remembered as one of the greatest pop songs of the year. The guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals all bounce off each other in a beautiful, uplifting and melodic way as the song takes us from verse to chorus. ‘Panda Pains’ has a scuzzy, frenetic opener that will instantly take you out of your seat and see you jumping around and, when the vocals enter, you will find yourself overwhelmed with happiness and joy.

‘The Roar of MJ Finnigan’ is a highlight amongst highlights. There is a very Gorky’s sound to this song, the keyboard takes the lead, the vocals float around creating images of a summer’s day lazing around without a care in the world, and that is all within the first two minutes. The second half of the song sees the guitars, drums and keyboards all increase in volume leading us to a dramatic ending that will leave you amazed at how great a band Seazoo are....but you knew that already I’m sure.

‘Martyn and Jayne’ is yet another great pop song, yes there’s that word ‘pop’ again, but that really is the best way of summing up the genius within these songs. Everything about the song has been thought out, the vocals and instrumentation are full of confidence, the way the song goes from quiet to slightly louder moments sounds so natural and wonderful. ‘Indigo Reader’ closes the EP and, in doing so, allows each band member of the band do what they do best, play their instruments in a way that compliments each other, drawing out the best.

Is this world perfect? Sometimes, but sadly there are times when it is not and great pop music goes unnoticed, please do not let Car Deborah go unnoticed.

Steve Tay

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