Star Horse
Slower Now

Released: 9th June 2015
Label: Häxrummet Records

‘Slower Now’ is the latest single from Swedish four piece Star Horse, a band who first came to our attention in 2013 with the release of their ‘Devour’ EP. At that time I declared my excitement and joy of discovering this new band and, after listening to this new single on repeat for an hour, those feelings have not changed. I am sat here in complete awe and amazement at the beautiful sounds that are surrounding me.

‘Slower Now’ has a heavenly sound to it, the guitars, bass and drums all enter the song with such precision to create a tune that will sweep you off your feet. Then the vocals arrive and there really is no escaping just how great this song is. There is so much to hear, on one listen you will be fixed on the tune and on the next you will find your heart melting with the lyrics “Come to me, I’m on my way dear, Between our hearts, there’s only snow”. If all of that wasn’t enough the video that accompanies the song features scenery that will take your breath away and allow you some well-deserved escapism.

‘Slower Now’ is released through Häxrummet Records on 7” vinyl with B-side ‘Wherever You’ and can be ordered on the band's Bandcamp page.

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