Star Horse
Devour EP

Released: 20th September 2013
Label: Starhorse

One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you listen to a piece of music that gets sent your way to review and you instantly want to start writing about it, and to share it with the world. Well that is the exact feeling that I had when I started listening to the new EP ‘Devour’ from Stockholm band Star Horse.

The email that the band sent promised that I would love this EP due to my “passion for all things that gaze”. Well the band were not wrong, ‘Devour’ is a four track EP that will appeal to anyone who has ever had a love for ‘shoe gazing’ music. The EP is full of dreamy guitars, hushed vocals and synths that will have you gazing down at the floor, swaying from side to side and becoming oblivious to everything that is going on around you.

‘Hope to Feel a Hand’ opens the EP with a euphoric sound created by the synths, guitars and drums and when the dreamy vocals join the song there really can be no turning back, you know this is an EP that you will play over and over again. ‘Magic Light’ is just perfect, the music created during the first minute and a half will hypnotise you then, when the lush vocals kick in, you will be beaming from ear to ear. ‘Last Night’s Haze’ showcases the talent this band have in writing lyrics, “Early morning, my blurry eyes see, your silhouette walking away”, the vocals throughout this song deliver these lyrics in a sweet and innocent way that will make you fall in love with this band. ‘Darkness Is A Color’ ends the EP with a wall of swirling guitars that will leave you crying out for more.

After listening to ‘Devour’ Star Horse are becoming my new favourite band and I urge you all to get a copy of this EP. If you do, I guarantee you will not regret it.

Steve Tay

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