Sweet Baboo

Released: 2nd June 2017
Label: Moshi Moshi

Any regular readers of AMP will know how much love we have for Sweet Baboo, for years we have been brandishing phrases like genius, modern-day great and superb recording artist when trying to describe the beautiful music he creates. We get ridiculously excited whenever we hear news of new albums and gigs as Sweet Baboo has always filled us with hope and optimism and been able to take us away from the troubles the world is going through.

New single ‘Badminton’ is again a true work of art. The light and airy vocals allow us privileged listeners to float away on the softest cloud imaginable and realise that the world and life we have is incredibly beautiful and needs to be cherished. The melodies wrap you up and make you feel comfortable and warm and the use of electronics are subtle yet incredibly effective, adding an extra dimension to this wonderful piece of music.

The new album ‘Wild Imagination’ is released on 2nd June through Moshi Moshi Records and can be pre-ordered now. Dates have also been announced throughout June so make sure you book your tickets in advance as I am sure we are not the only ones looking forward to seeing Sweet Baboo live again.

Steve Tay

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