Tessera Skies
Out Of Sight

Released: 1st June 2015
Label: North Base Records

‘Out Of Sight’ is the new single from Newcastle band Tessera Skies, a band who up until now I have not had the pleasure of hearing. Writing for AMP is full of many pleasures but the greatest of all is pressing play on a piece of music for the first time, knowing nothing about the band, having no expectations and being completely blown away by the sound that starts filling the space between your ears. This is followed by the need to share that experience with anyone who takes the time to read the views and opinions of us music-obsessed people here at AMP, and I hope that you will feel the same if you are discovering a piece of music for the first time.

‘Out Of Sight’ is an absolute gem of a song, the combination of atmospheric guitars, synths, delicate yet incredibly effective percussion and sugar-coated vocals ensure the listener is left with a warm glowing feeling that will make you want to return to this band again and again and again. If you are anything like me and like to escape from this world from time to time within your own peaceful daydreams then ‘Out Of Sight’ will provide you with the perfect soundtrack to do just that.

Steve Tay

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