Lights That Change

Released: 11th May 2015
Label: Ear to Ear Records

I am of the generation where, if I see a press release that has a recommendation from someone in the music industry that I trust, I instantly know to give the song a listen. That is exactly what happened when I opened the email promoting a band from North Wales called Lights That Change which had a recommendation from Joe Foster (Creation Records). When a band are being recommended by the man that co-founded Creation Records you know it is going to be something special.

From start to finish ‘Voices’ is a perfect pop song, the melodies are endless, the vocals have an otherworldly sound to them and the percussion and bass give the song a dark and very interesting sound. ‘Voices’ is exactly what pop music needs right now and is everything that is missing from many daytime radio playlists; it’s dark, mysterious and yet absolutely beautiful all at the same time.

Lights That Change will be following this single with their debut album, release date yet to be confirmed, although after hearing ‘Voices’ I hope the album will be with us very soon.

Steve Tay

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