Winter Coat
Into The Blue

Released: 3rd February 2017
Label: Winter Coat

Are you familiar with Winter Coat, a four-piece based in Cardiff who are simply adorable and whose music thus far has been nothing short of amazing? If you have yet to be introduced and have your life enriched by this band, then waste not a second longer, wrap your ears around their latest track ‘Into The Blue’ and you will find yourself being lifted up with joy and enlightenment.

The first minute of ‘Into The Blue’ could be the soundtrack to the most peaceful dream you have ever had and do not wish to be disturbed from. As the chorus enters, you are lifted high up into the sky and those stars that seemed a million miles away will be within your grasp. It is that interaction between verse and chorus that makes ‘Into The Blue’ such a great and memorable song, it lifts you up and lowers you down with great style and elegance.

The band are currently writing new material and, if this is anything to go by, we really are in for a treat.

They have two dates confirmed for the year so far:

- April 15th – Cardiff – Wales Goes Pop
- May 12th – Wrexham – Focus Wales

Be sure to follow this band as I am sure more dates will be announced soon.

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