Zervas & Pepper
Holy Bible

Released: 24th June 2017
Label: Zerodeo Records

‘Hotel Bible’ is the new single from Zervas and Pepper, a band who surely need no introduction. If, however, for some reason your life has yet to be uplifted by the glorious sounds of Zervas and Pepper then this new single is a wonderful place to start, and I am somewhat jealous of any newcomers to this band as you have a wonderful back-catalogue to dive into.

‘Hotel Bible’ has everything and more fans could ask for, it is five minutes of pure class. The vocals and guitars instantly conjure images of open roads, finding life and the pursuit of answers to the thousands of questions that fly through our heads. As for the harmonies, the best word to use is WOW!, there are few bands, if any, walking planet Earth right now who can better Zervas and Pepper when it comes to harmonising. The arrangement allows the listener to truly lose themselves when listening to the song and you can forget any plans you had as the lyrics completely take over you. The chorus ensures this is a song that will leave you with a great deal of positivity, “Turn around face the sun, warmth surrounds you here comes love”.

Final mention has to go to the video which will have you mesmerised and, with a new album due in the summer of 2017, I think we can safely say our soundtrack to the summer is sorted.

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