Albatross Archive
Home Away From Home

Released: 27th June 2012
Label: Albatross Archive

Cardiff based Albatross Archive have recently made available their new EP ‘Home Away From Home’ as a name your price download available from their BandCamp page. If you have yet to be introduced to the wonderful and unique sound of Albatross Archive then you are in for a real treat.

‘One By One’ is a very fine opening track with pounding rhythm and sublime vocal harmonies throughout. ‘Sodium’ highlights the diversity and uniqueness of this band. This a very captivating and charming song, that will leave you hanging on every word sung and every sound made. ‘King Of Hearts’ has a dark yet beautiful sound that will win the hearts and soul of every listener. The vocals build in such a powerful and passionate way as they float amongst a plethora alluring sounds. ‘Illustrations’ brings the curtain down on the EP with alternating vocals, harmonies and a helping of saxophone creating a deserved ending.

‘Home Away From Home’ has provided further evidence of the talent Albatross Archive have, this is a band who you quite simply must devote some time to.

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