Big Wave
The Roots of Love

Released: 11th June 2012
Label: Soft Power Records

Twee pop is a very hard genre to nail down. On the one hand if you get it wrong you end up sounding wet and like the kind of people who may cry at an untied shoe lace, however if you get it right you have the perfect recipe to make people feel all warm an fuzzy inside.

Luckily Big Wave fall into the latter camp, creating the perfect mix of summery girl pop. Hailing from Torquay the music brings with it a coastal vibe which is hazy with nostalgic memories of lazy days and trips to the beach. Jangly guitars and sweet girl vocals combine perfectly to create this neat little cassette (remember them?) which will surely have you reaching constantly for your old walkman.

Only 100 are being made so be sure to grab yours quickly because when you create music this addictive its sure not to stick around long.


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