The Boy Royals
People Like Us

Released: 13th August 2012
Label: Require Records

Once again Newport’s finest The Boy Royals have produced a single to make the world stop and take notice. ‘People Like Us’ is perfect indie/pop music, full of powerful guitar riffs, pounding drumming and driven by a voice that was born to sing anthems as great as this.

As with previous releases the chorus to ‘People Like Us’ will instantly jump inside your head and you will find yourself singing along at the top of your voice. Although not easy, try to take time to appreciate the great lyrics throughout the song, such as “It’s the little things, that make us live forever”.

B-Side ‘Summer’s Playground’ is played and sung with passion from start to finish, this is a band that love what they do and that is something that always comes across in the music they create.

At the start of the year AMP singled out The Boy Royals as a band destined for great things, we’ve seen them live on numerous occasions and spoke to the band about all things music, with this latest release that prediction looks absolutely spot on.

Steve Tay

The Boy Royals

Undertone, Cardiff
17th Apr 2012

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