China Rats
(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed

Released: 8th October 2012
Label: Once Upon A Time Records

When it comes to releasing your debut single it is important for a band to make people stop and take notice. China Rats ensure they do exactly that and more with their debut single ‘(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed’

From the opening guitar chord and vocal delivery you hear a band who were put on this earth to record music that makes the world a better place. The song is full of hooks, melodies and choruses that ensure this is a hit in the waiting. The lyrics throughout the song showcase a band who are not afraid to include social commentary in their songwriting, taking influence from what they see on the streets and turn those images into great pop songs.

‘(At Least Those) Kids Are Getting Fed’ has laid down a big statement of intent from China Rats, I for one am sure they will continue to deliver on this early promise and have the potential to be the next great guitar band.

Steve Tay

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