Damn Vandals
Beautiful Mind EP

Released: 27th February 2012
Label: Sexybeast

London based Damn Vandals follow up their previous two releases with ‘The Beautiful Mind’ EP. The first two singles ‘Can’t Go Dancing When You’re Gone’ and ‘Bayonet’ saw the band gain support via BBC Introducing, airplay on 6 Music, Q Radio, Amazing Radio and gaining a number of plaudits amongst the media. Now with the release of this four track EP the attention that is directed towards this band is going to be colossal.

‘The Beautiful Mind’ is an EP that captures the sound of a band that is full of confidence and have a passion and belief in the songs they create. The opening guitar riff on the lead track ‘Beautiful Mind’ marks the intent of the band. As soon you press play a sound will come pulsating from your speakers that shows this is a band who mean business. The vocal delivery is very strong and meaningful and draws a comparison to Ian Curtis. ‘He Pulls A Knife’ has a dark and moody sound which gives the song a very captivating feel. The vocals on this song sees Jack take influence from David Bowie, as the song builds you can hear the emotion and passion pouring out of Jacks heart as he sings “bad blood flows from the dreams to the streams of ordinary town”. ‘Union Jack Boxes’ and ‘Trouble With Jesus’ continue with the theme of the EP, songs that are driven by powerful guitars and rhythms that will leave your whole body shaking.

Listening to ‘The Beautiful Mind’ I am left in no doubt that Damn Vandals are a band that will continue to knock on every door in this industry and come charging through at such a pace that it will be impossible to stop them.

Steve Tay

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Underbelly, London
1st Mar 2012

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