The Darkness Within EP

Released: 8th March 2013
Label: evanjack

Evanjack first came to AMPs attention at the start of 2012 when we had the pleasure of listening to the incredibly beautiful ‘For Susan’ EP and since that moment it has been a firm staple on our stereos. So then, you can imagine our excitement when news came through of new EP ‘The Darkness Within’.

If you have yet to discover the wonder of Evanjack then you will be in for a real treat. As soon as you press play on this new EP you will drop everything that you are doing and find yourself drifting away to the most beautiful and peaceful place you could imagine.

‘Words Into Blindness’ opens the EP, the way the vocals and gentle acoustic guitar and soft percussion all blend together is a moment of real perfection, this song is highly likely to send shivers throughout your body. ‘Between The Sheets’ has more of a darker sound that will mesmerise each and every one of you. ‘Bones’ is one of those songs that you can’t live your life without hearing, this song is full of elegance and grace with every sound being put together with so much thought by songwriters who clearly care about the music they create. The way the guitars, keys and percussion allow the vocals to soar with passion and belief throughout, ‘Ruined Minds’ is quite simply stunning. The EP ends with the title track which is seven minutes long and passes by in the blink of an eye, the acoustic guitar melody at the beginning shows exactly why the acoustic guitar is one of the wonders of world, when you reach the 5 minute mark you can hear the vocals being pushed to their limits with every word sung.

If this EP wasn’t enough, Evanjack have done an amazing cover of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme tune, this is a band who can turn anything into something truly beautiful.

The band are having a launch party for the EP in London on 7th March with support from the wonderful Stefan Melbourne. If you are down that way I strongly suggest you do your utmost to attend.

Steve Tay

Stefan Melbourne

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