Fantasy Rainbow
O, Weirdo / Para Parakeet

Released: 20th August 2012
Label: Heist Or Hit

‘O, Weirdo / Para Parakeet’ is Fantasy Rainbow’s debut release on the Heist Or Hit record
label. As soon as you have pressed play you will instantly be swept off your feet by the sound pulsating through your speakers. ‘O, Weirdo’ opens with a charming melody and lyrics that make you stop and reflect “Just trying to fill the gap between life and death”. The song continues in such a peaceful and dreamy way that will take you away to a truly happy place.

‘Para Parakeet’ has more of a darker sound than the lead song, with the guitars and drums bouncing into each other to create such a wonderful sound.

If these two songs are an indicator of what we can expect from the album in November, then we should expect something special.

Steve Tay

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