Goodbye, Labrador
A Thousand Times Before

Released: 6th August 2012
Label: Dead Fisherman Records

‘A Thousand Times Before’ is the second album from Goodbye, Labrador, a band whose members are based in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Prague.

From listening to the album it's hard to believe that the musicians where in such vastly different locations communicating via email as each track sounds as though all parts were recorded in the same room.

‘A Thousand Times Before’ is an album that combines charming anthemic guitars, pulsating drums, and vocals to believe in. Of the six tracks on the album, highlights include ‘Falling Away’, which is a template of how to create a classic indie anthem. The song contains a delightful chorus that is sure to echo around your head for a very long time, whilst ‘Memoir' (which you can grab a free download of below) showcases a darker side to the band. Here the guitars, drums and vocals have a more sinister feel throughout the whole six minutes.

Goodbye, Labrador have given us an album that you will undoubtably want to share with as many people as possible.

Steve Tay

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