Gunning For Tamar
Camera Lucida EP

Released: 1st April 2013
Label: Alcopop Records

This Oxford quartet will be releasing their debut album later this year and, on the strength of this EP alone, it's safe to expect big things.

Right from the opening tinkle of piano keys on the first track 'Yogging' you're sucked in for the ride, and it's going to be an emotive one. It's a rhythmically tight collection of songs to swoon to, in particular the central track 'Another Season', which is so beautiful it could move a statue. The music throughout is technically proficient which is reminiscent of a heavier Minus the Bear but with the moving song writing of Brand New.

Their sound is gentle enough to fill tiny rooms but also loud enough to swamp large arenas, it's a promising start and one that will already have you wanting more.


She Will

Released: 25th Mar 2013
Black Books
Aquarena EP

Released: 11th Feb 2013

Released: 14th Jan 2013
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