Heart Kill Giant
The EP Collection

Released: 11th June 2012
Label: Teasmade Records

When a press release arrives for a band whose songs are described as being “slow burning tales of love, neglect and regret” a smile instantly appears across my face and as I started listening to the music my enthusiasm simply gathered pace. Heart Kill Giant record music of great depth and beauty that will warm even the coldest of days.

The band are releasing a collection of three EP’s ‘The Heart’ ‘The Kill’ and ‘The Giant’ as a 12 song collection that will be available on limited edition hand printed CD and digitally.

Each of the songs on this collection are more than anyone could wish for. ‘A Hymn For Her’ will instantly suck you in with the moving acoustic melody and heart warming vocals. ‘Tangerine Dreams’ makes you feel that you are floating in the sky on a beautiful cloud oblivious to everything else going on in the world. ‘Christmas In China’ is a seven minute song that will pass you by in an instant as you listen attentively during every second of a quite wonderful song.

There really isn’t a bad moment on this collection and as festival season begins will sit proudly on any summer playlist.

Steve Tay

The Spins
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