Ivan Moult
Castle Class

Released: 20th July 2012
Label: Ivan Moult

One of the many advantages of living your life being obsessed with music, and having a constant desire to hear new music is those earth stopping moments when you hear artists as gifted and talented as Ivan Moult. Both of Ivan’s releases to date ‘The Mine Canary EP’ (Jan 2010) and ‘What’s In A Word’ (March 2011), have been on almost constant rotation here at AMP HQ.

Ivan has now made available two new tracks ‘Lazy Days’ and ‘Lovers Leave’ as a name your price download from his bandcamp page. As with his previous releases both these new tracks are quite simply stunning.

‘Lazy Day’ demonstrates that Ivan puts a great deal of time and thought into his songwriting as the guitar playing perfectly complements the vocal delivery. This is a song to listen to whilst watching the world peacefully drift by.

‘Lovers Leave’ is one that I always remembered from his live shows and wished it was available to own. This is a truly beautiful and heartfelt song that to me is already a classic that I will listen to for the rest of my days.

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